Power Supply Ordering Interface

About the Site

Power Supply is a Paleo meal delivery service that used to rent office space from Matrix. Patrick, the owner, is actually the one who inspired me to start doing CrossFit, and I joined the gym that he and Robert attend. I also order meals from them now, and they are excellent!

My Involvement

When they decided to build a checkout/delivery management system and move away from PayPal, they asked Matrix to help design it. More specifically, they asked for me to design it since they knew that I understood their business model and customers. What a wonderful challenge! Patrick and Robert were great to work with and a lot of love went into little details like what to call recurring orders and whether the email/password login box or the Facebook login button should come first.

They already had developers they were working with on some prototypes, and they just went live with the new ordering system ยป

Congratulations, guys!