Time for a change

I’ve been wanting to re-engineer my site for a long time, but I keep running into snags. The designer in me always says “Okay, a new site, got it! We’ll start by picking some colors, and then think about fonts and typography and the logo and image sizes and layout and ooooh, lets pick some pretty social media icons!” While all of this is important, it doesn’t address the functionality that I want to change. So instead of letting myself loose in Photoshop like an unsupervised kid in a candy store, I need to treat this as a real project and define some goals and specifications. Here we go:

  • Instead of being solely devoted to my portfolio items, the site should feature different types of content on the homepage, with more specific landing pages and detail pages
  • I want to start blogging, so that needs to be an important part of the new site
  • I want to become more active on social media and include feeds
  • The background around portfolio items and blog posts must allow for a variety of colors in the imagery
  • The site should be light, bright, clean, and open
  • The site will be HTML5/CSS3 and responsive
  • The site must allow for future expansion/reworking/trying out of new ideas

That’s a start. I’ll still need to refine this list and make some decisions, but at least now I have some goals to refer back to!